New Blog Case Study

Follow our case study in real time, as we start a brand new blog in 2019 and grow it to $10k per month within 12 months using Pinterest.

Things you’ll learn during the live case study….

  • One little-known trick using Pinterest that allows us pick a niche with great money-making potential
  • Simple step-by-step instructions on how we quickly set up the blog without being overwhelmed by all the tech
  • A unique method we use to find content ideas that are already proven to be popular with our audience so we can quickly grow our traffic to thousand of visitors per day
  • Our simple 2-step approach to producing content without being experts in the niche
  • How we select proven affiliate offers in our niche to quickly start making money from the blog

Follow the Case Study

In our case study that is happening NOW (unlike most others you see which happened like 5 years ago), we’ll show you the EXACTLY what’s working NOW, as we grow this blog to replace a full-time income in only 12 months.

We’re Tim & Diana, founders of, and blogging allowed us to quit our jobs in 2016 and since earn over multiple 7 figures from our online businesses.

Now we have challenged ourselves to do it again by starting a brand new blog in 2019 and growing it to $10k per month.

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– Tim & Diana